How Does QuickBooks Hosting Benefit All Sizes Businesses

Quickbooks is trusted by millions of users and various small and large-scale businesses to help manage expenses, income, and financial records and maintain a business’s financial health. QuickBooks also prepares invoices for customers, generates reports, and can even be used for paying bills.

QuickBooks is designed  to simplifiy your accounting tasks and help you easily track income, expenses, and more. With recent technological advancements, most accountants, CEO’S and directors, prefer to go for QuickBooks hosting rather than do it manually; want to know why?

1.    Increased User Capacity

If you have a large accounting team and you need to provide access to up to 40 accounting users, then there is a QB plan that is right for you. QuickBooks Enterprise’s  Silver, Gold, and Platinum options allow up to 30 users, while QuickBooks Enterprise Diamond extends to 40 users.

2.    Ability to set up multiple Companies

In addition to increased capacity, QuickBooks Desktop lets you run multiple company files without having to pay additional fees. This feature comes in handy if you have multiple branches, offices, or locations.

3.    Advanced Pricing

If you need to customize your prices for different customers, then the Advanced Pricing module is right for you. It allows you to create customized price rules based on unique conditions around different factors, such as items, quantities, classes, customers, and sales representatives. You can also create discounts for customers at your discretion.

4.    Advanced Reporting

In addition to the standard QuickBooks reports, Quickbooks Desktop allows you to create advanced reports, such as inventory stock by item, job profitability reports, sales by customers, and sales by item forecasting. You can also create custom-tailored reports for the following industries: manufacturing, wholesale, contractors, nonprofit, and professional service.

5.    Training and Educational Materials

QuickBooks Desktop includes online training resources that you can access for free. These short courses cover everything from basic setup to daily bookkeeping to advanced features like QuickBooks Payments. You can ask to your provider for this training or look for them on the internet.

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