Small- to medium-sized businesses often scrutinize the cost benefit of acquiring new hardware. With the introduction of Cloud computing and Virtualization Services, SKYLINE Cloud can assist in meeting your business needs while addressing the financial requirements. Growing businesses assume less risk and a lower entry cost by utilizing Virtualized systems, Kiosks and Cloud services.
SKYLINE Cloud protects your organization’s most valuable data. There are numerous advantages when choosing cloud security over storing data locally in an office, including physical and electronic security, as well as backup and disaster recovery. SKYLINE Cloud utilizes SAS70, Type II data centers which are restricted and controlled strictly by SKYLINE Cloud engineers.
Many companies that are consider adopting cloud computing raise concerns over the security of data being stored and accessed via the Internet. In order to monitor SKYLINE Cloud systems, all engineers that are provided with access to potentially sensitive information will have passed a data competency check. Prior to being hired, all staff members are subject to a background check, and must have no criminal record. Access to systems and data is only granted to the experienced engineering staff through director-level permission.

Cloud computing is central to a better business strategy. In the small business world, there has become an incessant demand for off-site data storage, and specifically, Cloud storage. SKYLINE Cloud provides a secure Cloud-based service for storing, managing and sharing any kind of data. The new, web-based generation of computing utilizes remote servers housed in highly Disaster secure data centers for data storage and management, so organizations no longer need to purchase and look after their IT solutions in-house.
Cloud storage can be defined as highly scalable computing resources provided as an external service via the Internet. Cloud computing has made it possible for smaller companies to compete on an even playing field with much larger competitors. Many IT organizations struggle to meet business needs in a timely way because their applications and services run on infrastructures that are too costly to manage and challenging to change. With Cloud storage, resources are available to be accessed from the cloud at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and from any location via the Internet.
More efficient, flexible and cost-effective
Cut costs immediately
Scalability and Reliability
Increased productivity and adds instant value
SKYLINE Cloud provides a disaster recovery back-up plan just for your company. When things don’t go as planned, BDS is there to protect your most important business investments.
Not only does offsite back-up protect your data if your system is damaged, it also eliminates the necessity of tapes. Off-site back-up doesn’t use other equipment and it does not require additional personnel to administer the data. The system works by itself, and you needn’t waste time on its maintenance.
Backup information can be available at any time that you need it. A backup system is easy to configure, it offers great security to all the files, and works fast and efficiently.
Completely secure data transmission (data encryption)
Fully automated—takes away human error
Back-up report delivered daily
Access your data from anywhere
Easy remote set-up
Unlimited backup and restoration
Guarantee the store—Upon Confirmed Back up
BDS has a strong strategic partnership with global industry leader, EMC2. Together we are creating better business by solving your most challenging backup problem areas. Our services include such benefits such as flexible physical and virtual deployment options and a single step recovery.

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